Duties of Coach Attendants prescribed by the Indian Railways

  • The Coach Attendants must be present in the coach half an hour before the departure of the train.
  • To check all the internal fittings in the coach for the safety and convenience of the passengers.
  • To make sure that the water tanks have been filled and all fittings for supply and use of water in the bathrooms are working properly.
  • To carry the list of all the passengers traveling in the coach.
  • To check the tickets of the passengers as they enter the coach for the first the first time to occupy their berths/seats if a TTE is not available.
  • To keep the compartments locked when the train is running and open them whenever required for the occupation.
  • If there occur any minor mechanical or electrical defects then attend them personally and call the concerned staff to attend the repairs.
  • To keep the berths and seats of the compartment properly cleaned and maintained at regular intervals.
  • To look after the convenience of the passengers and assist them in obtaining food and refreshment.
  • To ensure that bathrooms, wash basins, and mirror are properly cleaned and maintained by the concerned staff.
  • To keep a good look on the coach from their particular seat and not to sleep while on duty.
  • To appear on the duty dressed in proper unifrom with name badges to be identified easily.

Circular Journey Tickets

Indian Railways provides the people with the facility of Circular Journey Tickets which are tickets issued by Indian Railways for all the journeys (except for the regular routes) which start and end at the same station.

  • Circular Journey Tickets can be purchased for all booking classes and the passengers are given a maximum of eight break journeys during their travel.
  • For Circular Tickets, Endorsements for break journeys aren’t required.
  • You can also avail Standard Circular Journey Tickets from Zonal Railways too.
  • The details for these tickets such as route, fare, etc. can be obtained from the nominated stations in each of the Zonal Railway.
  • Circular Journey Tickets gives the passenger benefit of considerably lower than regular point-to-point fare.
  • A 40% concession for Male Senior Citizens and a 50% concession for Female Senior Citizen is granted on circular tickets on a trip of a minimum 1,000 KM.

Circular Journey Tickets Booking

  1. After you finalize the journey route, you can approach the Station Managers or the Divisional Commercial Managers of the Division to which the boarding station belongs to.
  2. Based on your Journey Route, the authorities will calculate and tell you about the cost of the tickets.
  3. By presenting the form provided by the authorities, you can purchase Circular Journey Tickets from the Booking Office of the station from where you wish to start your journey.
  4. After the Circular Journey Ticket has been purchased, visit the Reservation Office to reserve your accommodation for different placing during your journey.
  5. You will then be issued reserved tickets according to your selected stations for the journey.

What is Charting in Indian Railways?

As you may have heard these terms while traveling on Indian Railways, “Charting”, “Chart Prepared” or “Chart Not Prepared”.

Charting is the process by which Indian Railways authorities allocate vacant seats of other quotas to General/Tatkal Quota. There are many quotas in Indian Railways under which the vacant seats are assigned.

General Rules for Chart Preparation

  • The first chart for any train is prepared by the authorities about 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train from the originating station.
  • For the trains which are scheduled to depart early in the morning, the chart is prepared usually the night before the departure.
  • If there are vacant seats remaining in the first chart which is prepared 4 hours before the departure, then the remaining seats are made available for booking.
  • The final chart is prepared about 30 minutes before the departure of the train from the station.
  • In the final chart, some of the waiting list tickets are confirmed.
  • Passengers are assigned Berth and Coach Number in the final chart according to their status, either confirmed or RAC.
  • E-Tickets which are on Fully Waiting List are canceled automatically.
  • After the final chart is prepared, fully confirmed tickets cannot be canceled.
  • In the final chart, some passengers also get their status upgraded and they get accommodation in higher class without any extra charges.

Missed Train with a Confirm Ticket

When you get a confirmed ticket for Indian Railways, then it may not be a good choice to cancel your ticket or miss the train as you are confirmed a full berth and seat. It is important that you reach the boarding station on time so, that you may not miss your train.

However, if for someone emergency you are not able to reach the station and miss the train then it is important to find out what are your chances for a refund and how can you reach the destination. Continue reading

What are confirmation chances for my waitlisted ticket?

When you book a ticket for any Indian Railway to travel across the country then there is a pretty good chance that you will end up on Wait List. Waiting List generally means that your ticket is not confirmed and you are currently on the waiting list until people with confirmed ticket cancel their reservations.

Millions of people travel on Railways on a regular basis, therefore, it is a very common occurrence to be on Waiting List when you book any Indian Railway Train Ticket. Continue reading

What does RAC status mean?

When you book your Indian Railways tickets then sometimes your ticket is on RAC List. Reservation Against Cancellation or RAC tickets means that when you will get a berth on the train then it will not be assigned to you only, but it will be shared by a co-passenger.

Most the side lower seats are to be shared with a co-passengers, but if there are some free seats available in the train then the TTE of the train may allot you a complete seat, but if there is no free seat available, you will have to share your berth with a co-passenger. Continue reading

How Often to Check PNR Status?

PNR Number is a unique 10 digit number that is assigned to every ticket once it has been booked. Once the ticket is booked, it is assigned a unique number which has all the information regarding the passenger and his/her journey.

You can find your 10 digit unique PNR Number at the top left-hand side of your train ticket and it is also stored in Indian Railways at the time of generation along with all the information of the passenger and its journey and coach name, number etc. Continue reading

What is 10 Digit PNR Number?

PNR or Passenger Name Record is a unique 10 digit number that is generated when a passenger books a ticket. It is generated irrespective of the status of your status. Whether your ticket is confirmed or it is currently on WL or RAC, PNR Number will be generated and it is unique for each ticket.

You can find your 10 digit unique PNR Number at the top left-hand side of your train ticket and it is also stored in Indian Railways at the time of generation along with all the information of the passenger and its journey and coach name, number etc. Continue reading

How to find PNR Number?

PNR or Passenger Name Record Number is a unique 10-digit number that is assigned to each ticket that is booked across the country.  Each PNR number is unique and different. Every Ticket has its own PNR Number which can’t be found on any other ticket as every ticket has its own information regarding the journey.

Every PNR Number will provide you with a lot of information regarding the journey and the passenger. Every ticket has its own information, so every PNR number is unique. The information that PNR Number holds includes ticket booking status (confirmed/waiting list/canceled), departure and arrival time, details of the train, seat number, fare paid by the passenger for the seat, payment method etc. Continue reading