How Often to Check PNR Status?

PNR Number is a unique 10 digit number that is assigned to every ticket once it has been booked. Once the ticket is booked, it is assigned a unique number which has all the information regarding the passenger and his/her journey.

You can find your 10 digit unique PNR Number at the top left-hand side of your train ticket and it is also stored in Indian Railways at the time of generation along with all the information of the passenger and its journey and coach name, number etc.

How Often to Check PNR Status?

  • Checking the status for your PNR Number is very important if your ticket is on the WL or RAC list.
  • It is recommended that once you book your ticket, you should check the status of your PNR Number at least once before you board on the train as it will tell you about all the essentials that you need to know about your train, your berth, seat etc.
  • If your ticket is confirmed then checking the PNR Status once would be enough as all the of the information about your journey has been confirmed and you can find out all about your journey by checking your PNR Status once.
  • However, if your ticket is on Wait List or RAC List then it is important that you check your PNR Status regularly. As soon as there is a change in the train movement, schedule, and any passenger cancels their ticket then it is updated.
  • Passengers are not informed about the changes occurring most of the times, therefore, it is really important to check your PNR Status at least once before you depart and more than once if you are on WL or RAC List to find out whether your booking is confirmed or not.

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