How to Check Live Train Status?

Live Train Running Status for any Indian Railway Train gives status to spot your train. Live train status includes a variety of different information about the train including the exact location of any train and its real-time live delay status. Along with this, it may also have information about the estimated arrival of the train at any particular station.

How to Check Live Train Status?

Checking Live Train Running Status to spot your train is pretty easy and doesn’t take longer than a few seconds. To check the Live Train Status, follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser and head over to ““.
  2. Enter train name/No in the box provided.
  3. After you enter train name/No, Live Train Status will show up.Live Train Status

For users, it is highly recommended to check the status updates frequently as the Status of the trains changes at a regular interval. As the estimated time of arrival reaches near, the train running status information becomes more and more accurate.

When checking the Live Train Status, two things are important to be noted. The first being the “Last Reported Location” and the other being “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” at the upcoming stoppages.

Users can check the Train Status easily through their mobile devices. It can be checked easily on the go and informs the passengers about the exact location of a train and its delay status.

While checking the Live Train Running Status to spot your train, two key things should be noted:

Last Reported Station:

It tells you about the station on which the train is at. It also tells you whether the train has arrived or departed or crossed that particular station.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA):

It tells you about the expected time at which the train is supposed to arrive at any of the upcoming stations. Basically, it is the time when the travelers at the upcoming station are expected to be there to board on the train.

About 90% of the times the live train status updates of a train from a particular station come about 8-10 mins of the train arriving/departing/crossing a station.

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