Duties of Coach Attendants prescribed by the Indian Railways

  • The Coach Attendants must be present in the coach half an hour before the departure of the train.
  • To check all the internal fittings in the coach for the safety and convenience of the passengers.
  • To make sure that the water tanks have been filled and all fittings for supply and use of water in the bathrooms are working properly.
  • To carry the list of all the passengers traveling in the coach.
  • To check the tickets of the passengers as they enter the coach for the first the first time to occupy their berths/seats if a TTE is not available.
  • To keep the compartments locked when the train is running and open them whenever required for the occupation.
  • If there occur any minor mechanical or electrical defects then attend them personally and call the concerned staff to attend the repairs.
  • To keep the berths and seats of the compartment properly cleaned and maintained at regular intervals.
  • To look after the convenience of the passengers and assist them in obtaining food and refreshment.
  • To ensure that bathrooms, wash basins, and mirror are properly cleaned and maintained by the concerned staff.
  • To keep a good look on the coach from their particular seat and not to sleep while on duty.
  • To appear on the duty dressed in proper unifrom with name badges to be identified easily.

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