What are confirmation chances for my waitlisted ticket?

When you book a ticket for any Indian Railway to travel across the country then there is a pretty good chance that you will end up on Wait List. Waiting List generally means that your ticket is not confirmed and you are currently on the waiting list until people with confirmed ticket cancel their reservations.

Millions of people travel on Railways on a regular basis, therefore, it is a very common occurrence to be on Waiting List when you book any Indian Railway Train Ticket.

It is very important that you find out about the confirmation chances of your ticket that how good of a chance you have at confirmation and getting a confirmed ticket.

Confirmation chances may be HIGH, MEDIUM, OR LOW.

When you check your PNR No. status on IRCTC Website then it will show you something like this “WL 24/WL15” which is really confusing and one can’t really tell that what his chances of getting a confirmed ticket are.

WL 24/WL15 means that you are on the 24th number of the waiting list, but there are already 9 cancellations made before you, so, your current position on the waiting list is 15th.

When more people cancel their confirmed ticket then your first number will remain the same i.e 24th but the next number will move forward i.e 15th to 14th or so on. At last, when you reach RAC status, you can travel on the train.

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