Types of Trains

Indian Railways have different types of trains, all of which offer different services, facilities, fares, different speeds, and travel between different cities.

Some are superfast trains, some offer fewer facilities in competitive fares, while some offers AC, food and free bedding but cost according to services.

Let’s find out the Types Of Trains available in Indian Railways.

Types of Trains in Indian Railways

Superfast Trains

Superfast or Express Trains are the fastest and have an average speed of about 60 KM per hour on both up and down journeys.

Mail Express Trains

The regular express rail service of India is also called Mail Express Train. They run where there is overlapping local train service available. Their average speed is around 36 KM per hour.

Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani means “The Captial” in Indian Languages and it is a series of express passenger train services in India which connects New Delhi, the capital of India with other important locations of the country mostly the capitals of other stats,

Rajdhani Express trains get the highest priority on Indian railway networks and Passengers are provided with the best facilities and services.

Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Express is a series of superfast trains operated by Indian Railways. They connect Metro cities to other important cities for business or tourism.

They operate during day time and return to the station of origin on the same day. They run over short to medium distances. They have seats available only, not berths.

After Rajdhani Expresses, Shatabdi gets the highest priority.

Duronto Express

Duronto means “restless” in the Bengali language. Duronto Express contains long-distance non-stop source to destinations trains. They are faster than Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses.

They are fully air-conditioned and passengers are served complimentary meals during the journey depending on the time of the day.

Jan-Shatabdi Express

Jan Shatabdi Expresses are affordable options and are a variety of Shatabdi Express. 

Antyodaya Express

They are General and completely unreserved trains which are going to run overnight. They don’t have many services available except for Chargings ports, toilets, and water vending machines.

Humsafar Express

They were announced in 2016-17 Railway Budget. They are fully Air-Conditioned trains which have the facility of GPS based Passenger Information System, Passenger announcement System, fire and smoke detection and suppression system, CCTV, comfortable seats, mobile and laptop charging points, integrated Braille display, LCD display above compartment doors in the aisle, Fire retardant curtains, and some others.

GaribRath Express

Garib means “poor” and Rath mean “chariot” so, it means Poor’s Chariot. It is an affordable option for passengers who can’t afford expensive fares.

These trains don’t have AC and have 2/3(two-thirds_ the fares of AC classes. It is slower than super-fast express train and passengers aren’t provided with many facilities.

Tejas Express

It is a new service of trains that will be running between the cities of Mumbai and Karmali, Goa, Chandigarh, and New Delhi & Anand Vihar to Lucknow very soon.

It will provide a smooth and relax train journey and the trains will be super-fast.

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