Cloakrooms at Indian Railways

Most of the major stations in India have Cloak Rooms which are made to protect your luggage, allowing to spend a day or two without any worries about your luggage. They are where you can leave your luggage by paying the prescribed charges.

Your luggage will be in safe custody and by depositing your luggage in the cloakrooms, you get the freedom to tour the city without worrying about your luggage. 

Before you deposit your luggage in the cloakrooms, make sure that it is securely locked and neatly to avoid any inconvenience.

When you deposit your luggage, you get a receipt which contains the following details; Name of the Passenger, Ticket Number, No. of Articles deposited with the description, and Date & Time of deposit.

You will be only allowed to get your luggage back if you surrender your receipt along with the prescribed charges depending on how long you deposited your luggage.

Maximum Period for Luggage

The Maximum time period for which you leave your luggage at the Cloakrooms is around one month, however, some cloakrooms have a maximum period of 7 days. So, it is better to inquire before you leave your luggage.

Essentials for CloakRooms

  1. Before you can deposit your luggage, you should have possession of your train ticket showing that you either arrived at the station or will depart after a few days.
  2. Your bags must be properly and neatly locked. Otherwise, they may not accept your luggage if it is not properly locked.
  3. Avoid keeping any food in your bags.
  4. Look for the opening/closing time of the rooms so, you can pick your luggage at the desired time.
  5. You can only get your luggage back if you pay the desired fee along with the receipt that you get at the time of deposit.


With Effect From Feb 2013, the charges are:

Rs. 20 for use of a locker for 24 hours

Rs. 30 for every additional 24 hours

Rs. 15 for cloakroom rent for 24 hours

Rs. 20 for every additional 24 hours

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