How to find out trains affected by Fog?

Fog is a big problem especially in winters when it makes it hard for trains and buses to travel as the visibility range is decreased drastically due to which the trains are often delayed and in severe cases delayed.

This can be a problem if you were traveling to a specific place for an urgent work as when the train is delayed or cancelled then it may cause hurdle in your work.

How to find out trains affected by Fog?

To find out if your train is delayed, canceled due to fog, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and head over“.
  2. Once the page loads up, enter the train name or number. e.g 12029.
  3. After you enter the train name or number, the search results will show up and it will tell you whether your train is fully canceled, partially canceled, rescheduled or diverted.
  4. You can also click on Running Train Status, Fully Cancelled Trains, Partially Cancelled Trains, Rescheduled Trains, Diverted Trains tabs to find out if your train is delayed or canceled, diverted, or rescheduled due to fog.Train Affected by Fog

This will be useful and handy for you as to find out that the train for which you reserved your seat/berth is delayed or canceled.

Fully Cancelled

If you train is fully cancelled, it will show that your train which was to deport is delayed along with the date of the cancellation.Train Affected by Fog-2

Partially Cancelled

If your train is partially canceled then it will tell you that from which station is the train canceled to which station.Train Affected by Fog-3


If due to fog your train is rescheduled, it will tell you about the train by how much time it is rescheduled and when will it leave.Train Affected by Fog-4


If due to fog your train is diverted from its original path, it will show you that your train is diverted from this station to this.

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